Invest in unique, high-potential businesses which prioritise social purpose and the environment as well as profit.

Make Change

Why envesting with us makes sense


We are a multiple bottom line business, which means we care about our impact on the world as much as our profit. We deliver our services for the lowest investment fees we know of. Anywhere. That means more of your money goes directly to your investment.


Impact the world positively by supporting ethical, environmentally friendly businesses. Your envestment helps an ethical business to thrive. That means you are supporting environmentally positive impact, social purpose and community spirit as well as supporting growth and developing livelihoods.


We carefully select high impact, high-potential businesses. We look for proven proficiency and track record, ethical practices and a plan for success.


We believe in supporting individuals and communities to help themselves through direct investment. Envesting through us means you can see exactly where every penny goes, and see the direct benefits.


We take pride in working with fully registered, compliant and carefully vetted businesses. All of our businesses treat their teams and the environment fairly and appropriately.


We take pride in working with local organisations, networks and team members from the countries we work in. We have grown up alongside the entrepreneurs we work with, and speak their language; as well as yours.

  • Positive social purpose

  • Established trading history

  • Established leadership team

  • Positive environmental impact

  • Profitable business model with a path for growth

  • Fully registered and compliant business practices

  • Fair wages, working conditions and trade practices

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These are the kind of businesses you could envest in. Look interesting?

Irrigation System


Example 1: CHINA
Rice farming and irrigation services

  1. Crack team trading for 3 years with a clear business plan for success.

  2. Market established, money to be spent on industrialising their processes.

  3. Supports 20 jobs, will create 10 more.

  4. Trades in 2 countries will trade in 4.

  5. Environmentally positive and sustainable approach to irrigation.

Super Health Food


Example 2: BRAZIL
Super foods

  1. Crack team trading for 1 year with a clear business plan for success.

  2. Market established, money to be spent on marketing and role out.

  3. Supports 100 jobs will create 75 more.

  4. Environmentally positive and sustainable approach to farming.

Festival of Color


Example 3: INDIA
Bespoke Clothes

  1. Crack team trading for 2 years with a clear business plan for success.

  2. Money to be spent on design and expanding the range.

  3. Established export market to UAE and Europe.

  4. Supports 110 jobs will create 85 more

  5. Trades in 2 countries will trade in 4.

  6. Fair treatment of staff including fair pay and conditions.

Envest. Impact. Make Change

As with any investment your capital is at risk, and the value of your investment can down as well as up. Envesting involves risks, including loss of capital, illiquidity, lack of dividends and dilution, and should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. Tax treatment depends on individual circumstances and is subject to change in future.

This page is not intended to be a promotion of any individual investment opportunity. The summary information provided about investment opportunities on this webpage is intended solely to demonstrate the types of investments available on the Envesterly platform, and any investment decision should be made on the basis of the full campaign. Further, nothing on this website shall be considered an offer to sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy, any security to any person in any jurisdiction to whom or in which such offer, solicitation or sale is unlawful.

Envesterly does not provide investment recommendations. Before you invest you should seek independent, professional, financial advice.